Thank you so much for your amazing ability to capture the essence of our products in such a simple, natural way. We absolutely love the photos you
took and are happy with the selection you have provided us. You were able to include lifestyle shots that portray the image our of brand perfectly, such as the shot with the woman peacefully meditating on one of our beds.

We’ve already used some of the images in our advertising and have received a warm response. We would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a talented, professional photographer who is a joy to work with and has the ability to put you at ease. Cheers!

Rain Rezendes – Cotton Cloud Natural Beds & Furniture

I engaged Shelby to use her professional and artistic eye to take pictures of my two dogs. I was excited about the results as we viewed the negatives. Little did I know that the picture of dogs on canvas would bring me to tears! The joy and love that comes through which Shelby captured is amazing. I appreciate her talent every day as I look at the picture in my office.

Anita L. Kratka – Vice President M Squared Consulting, Inc.

As a parent, I want to always remember my children as they are today. They are so precious during these early years. Sharie has been our family photographer for the past few years and I feel that she is truly able to capture the spirit of our family in each portrait. I love the fact that I will always have these images to revisit. Sharie is a very gifted photographer.

Irene Byrne

I so appreciate your work Sharie. When I picked up the photos the other day I didn’t want to interfere with naptime, so I didn’t really look at the end result. The portraits are amazing and we will treasure them forever. Thank you.

Kate McCarthy

We had an extremely impromptu city hall wedding shortly after the same-sex marriage ban was lifted. Sharie was there to capture the historical occasion when we along with several other couples excitedly said our I do’s. We were elated to discover the beautiful and intimate images that Sharie caught on our special day. Amazing quality work that truly is representative of a photographic artist. Thank you Sharie for your expert work in capturing the spirit of the happiest day of our relationship.

Monica & Daun

Many thanks for the photos. We are so happy with the way they turned out. We have sent them to our relatives in Australia, Canada, and Chicago and they will treasure them. Happy Holidays!


Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did with the pictures of my grandchildren. They had such a good time with your silly puppet that I could hear the laughter coming from pure silly joy. The smiles you captured are genuine. I was very impressed with the speed in which you completed the project, your careful attention to all the details and keeping me informed all the way.

From the initial meeting until final delivery everything was spelled out in writing, with all expectations exceeded. You were correct when you told me the hardest part would be picking which ones we wanted. I know we took a long time deciding and I really appreciate your patience with us. Not only are the pictures beautiful, but the whole experience was professional yet I feel as though I gained a new friend. Thank you again for the great job.

Carol Zell – Branch Manager

We have never had better school pictures than when you have taken them. In fact, many people who have visited our house and seen Esmé’s and Elsa’s preschool pictures have commented on this: “That doesn’t look like my school pictures!”

That’s because you not only manage to catch their natural expressions and joy, but light and set them up so beautifully.
The kids are relaxed, happy, and well lit! They are their true selves. How do you do it?
We were also surprised that the school picture process involved getting to meet you at the school to view the photos. It was such a pleasure to meet you and to be able to select the photo we liked best. In fact, choosing between them was the hardest part!

Thank you so much for capturing our kids so beautifully while they were at Treehouse. I wish you could be the photographer for our elementary school! Your motto could be, “Life’s short. Shoot with Sharie!” Seriously, thank you for the beautiful picture memories, of our kids at school, and of our family. We treasure them.

Kim – parent of Treehouse 2010

Sharie is, hands down, the best photographer with whom I’ve ever worked. I was so pleased with my photos that I purchased four separate portraits from her, and I love them! Until I worked with Sharie, I actually dreaded having my picture taken — because I usually disliked the results.
Sharie has the eye of a true artist, and brought a delightful, magical demeanor to our shoot. I actually enjoyed being photographed by her, and cannot possibly recommend her highly enough. If you need or want photographs of yourself or your loved ones, contact her right away. She will capture your essence on film, and the resulting portraits will dazzle and amaze!

Selene Steese -editor/writer/poet/performer

Sharie makes taking family portraits actually fun! We were so worried about having a photo session that was forced or felt contrived. She has a remarkable eye and an ability to create pictures that bring out true personalities. Her appreciation for authenticity and art shines in her photographs. Sharie is also extremely versatile in different styles of photography. We cherish the pictures that she has taken of our kids from nursery school to high school!

Vicki Watts

For our 8-year wedding anniversary my husband and I decided to take some professional photos. We had the pleasure of working with Shelby who does excellent photography! Shelby was very tuned in to the feeling we wanted to portray and she did an amazing job of capturing our essence. We love the fun, love, and sweetness that comes through in each of our photos.

Tori and Kelvin

I to acknowledge the beautiful pictures taken by master photographer “Sharie Cohen” When we talked about doing the shoot, I didn’t want to do outdoor shots. But she is a master of the perfect outdoor lighting–she shoots in the last light of the day, what she calls the “Sweet Light,” so we went down to the beach right at sunset and I am very glad. They are the best portraits ever taken of me!

Dr. Jennifer Holt

As a best-selling author, I am always in need of quality portraits for my books and promotions. However, for some reason I have found myself to be one of the most difficult people to photograph well. I have gone through photo studios the way some people go through popcorn. That was until I met Sharie Cohen. Bar none, Sharie is THE best photographer I have ever used. Her skills in natural light are  unparalleled. I have yet to find a photographer better than she. Shari creates masterpieces that last through time. I heartily endorse her work.

GW Hardin – Author “The Messengers” “The Wings of Heaven”

This is our son’s first year in preschool and I was so excited at the thought of seeing his very first school photo! As someone who has some real doozies in her own school photo gallery, I was very nervous about how this would turn out. I was so elated to see the proofs and find that we had not one, but three amazing photos to choose from, each with a different angle and expression, truly capturing the spirit of our son. We could not decide on a single photo (I wanted all THREE!), so we purchased two.

Because we received high-resolution images, it was super easy to pop online and order all kinds of great merchandise for his grandparents (Canvas, coffee mug, puzzle, fridge magnet, whatever their hearts desire!). A huge thank you to Sharie for making this first school photo experience a very easy and rewarding one!

Parent of room 2

Sharie is a master photographer with a poet’s soul. I have been absolutely amazed and delighted by what she has been able to capture of my spirit through photography and her capacity to convey something deep within me to the outside world. Each time Sharie does a portrait session for me, I see myself differently. It is as if I am looking into a deep well and what is being reflected back to me is nothing less than the beauty of my essence. Thank you Sharie. Your work transforms my perception of myself.

Laura R. Emeryville, CA

After a few selfies didn’t work out, I realized I needed a professional portrait for my business. I met Sharie through a business contact, and asked her for help. She suggested we shoot it outdoors using natural light. We met at a spot she recommended and spent about half-an-hour doing the shoot.
Sharie is a master photographer with an amazing understanding of how to use different types of lighting and composition for the effect she wants. At the same time, she was pleasant and easy to work with. (She made me feel comfortable enough to get beyond the dopey look I’m so expert at when I know I’m being photographed, and that’s no small feat!) Afterward, Sharie also did a great job of fine-tuning the portraits (I was so happy with her work that I ended up asking for three) we decided on. I couldn’t be happier with the process or results. If you’re looking for a first-class photographer, I would recommend Sharie without hesitation.

Bob S. Albany, CA
Sharie has taken our son’s school photographs three years in a row now, and we are incredibly impressed with her work. She has an amazing ability to connect with the children, and has been able to get some fun, creative, great shots we could never in a million years get. I’ve also seen samples of the family photographs she has taken, and am incredibly impressed. The quality of her work is very, very impressive and Sharie is a delight to work with.  Highly recommend.
Jennifer K